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Rich Swann Thinks AEW and IMPACT Feud Will Continue After Hard To Kill, Says He Can Be On The Same Level As Kenny Omega


IMPACT world champion Rich Swann recently spoke with Inside the Ropes to hype up this evening’s Hard To Kill pay per view, where Swann teams up with Chris Sabin and Moose to battle The Good Brothers and AEW world champion, Kenny Omega. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says that tonight’s Hard To Kill match will not be the end of the AEW/IMPACT relationship:

In this match that’s about to be unfolding, you’ve got World Champions from both companies. I’d like to say — and I don’t know; no one has told me anything otherwise. But I’d like to say that this match will not be the end: this will only be the beginning of an IMPACT/AEW relationship. Don’t count anything out: anything can happen in this industry, as we’ve already proven.

Believes he can be on Kenny Omega’s level if he gets the opportunity:

That’s something I would totally look forward to having. I believe the very first time I met [Kenny Omega] was in 2012 in Dragon Gate/ DDT. They did a collaboration show, and he always had respect. Just to have this opportunity to be in this six-man alone is going to show people that I can be at that type of level. And then that’s going to show everybody that, “Hey, we need to see this match, even more, the one-on-one encounter between Kenny Omega and Rich Swann.” Because I feel that I can be on his level, and the only way you can prove that is if you get in the ring with those guys.

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