Ric Flair On Randy Orton And John Cena’s Roles With WWE


Ric Flair spoke with Starsport on a number of pro wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights via the Daily Star:

Randy Orton having the ability to be in John Cena’s role with WWE

“If you look at John Cena, you have to look at the whole scenario of John’s career. John is just an in-ring performer. He’s very good in interviews, number one. Number two, he exhausts himself giving his off time to stuff he doesn’t get paid for. Kids love him. Randy [Orton] doesn’t want that role. Randy is happy, he wants to be home with his wife and kids. Could Randy pull it off? Of course. But Randy isn’t interested in working in his days off. I don’t blame him, not everybody is. That’s a tough role, you sacrifice a lot of personal time and that’s what my daughter [Charlotte Flair] is doing right now, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.”

John Cena getting booed:

“If you don’t respect John Cena, you don’t respect anybody. I’m not sure how I feel about that [the boos]. Look what they say to Kurt Angle when he walks out: ‘You suck’. It doesn’t make sense. Because Kurt’s very popular and of course John is the flagship of the company. He’s working in a limited schedule now and pursuing other avenues that he’s earned the right to do. He conducts himself, carries himself, he’s very classy, he is very, very well-read, very intellectual, and that speaks volumes. We don’t have a lot of people like that.”

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