Ric Flair On Almost Being In The Summerslam 1988 Main Event


During an appearance on WINCLY, Ric Flair spoke on how close he was to joining the WWE and being in the main event of Summerslam 1988. Here’s what he had to say:

All right up to where I had a couple days to make up my mind. When it came right down to it, I just couldn’t give myself to leave. Here’s my problem, we’re going to talk about stuff that has effected my life. The thing with the Crockett’s and me being so close to Jimmy, this is right before the sale, I could see things falling apart, but I was so attached to Arn, Tully, Barry and Jay that even though I saw things falling apart a little bit with Jimmy opening an office in Dallas, and their talking about making movies, anybody could do the math.

We weren’t drawing west of the Mississippi like we did when we first went out there because the saturation with TBS at that time wasn’t nearly like it is now. If we had stayed east of Chicago, then they still might be in business. I could see the problems, but I just couldn’t get myself to leave my friends. It’s not that I didn’t have friends up there because you know DiBiase and all those guys were there.

I was friends with all of them, but The Four Horsemen thing was just something that was so unique, and the fact that it’s still held in such high regard today, you had to be there during that time frame. We were The Beatles and then to be there with the Road Warriors and Lex [Luger] and Sting and Dusty. It was a lot for me to decide, and I probably cost myself a fortune by staying, but I look back at it now and here I am talking to you today.

You can listen HERE.

Credit: WINCLY.

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