Return of Former Champion.


Mickie James has already had her in-ring WWE return when she wrestled Asuka at NXT Takeover: Toronto. However, James was not signed to a contract when she fought that match outside of a one-match deal. Asuka won the match but Mickie impressed WWE officials enough to warrant an official WWE return.

According to reports, Triple H told Mickie James that she had a home in the WWE if she wanted it and a contract was waiting on her if she was interested. Caged Seats reported that James was interested and has reportedly signed a new three-year contract with the WWE to return for the SmackDown Live brand.

While there is no confirmation on this, there are rumors that the Mickie James return will tie into the mysterious La Luchadora gimmick. For fans who missed it, Becky Lynch dressed up as La Luchadora to trick Alexa Bliss into wrestling her again. After that, a masked La Luchadora started showing up and attacking Becky Lynch and helping Alexa Bliss.

Having Mickie James return as the masked La Luchadora could give her a main event feud to return to as a nemesis for Becky Lynch. Whether this feud will be with Becky as the champion will become known after the Royal Rumble. There is a chance that the WWE could keep the title on Alexa Bliss and move her into a feud with someone like Nikki Bella.

Mickie James, 37, started her career in the indies as Alexis Laree and was part of TNA Impact Wrestling in their early days. She ended up joining the WWE in 2003 and worked in developmental for two years before moving up to the main roster.

She was immediately thrust into the main women’s storylines as she made her debut as a stalker for WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus. The angle drifted from Mickie James being Trish’s biggest fan to a more risque lesbian-tinged storyline with Trish rejecting her advances.

That led to Mickie James turning heel and winning the WWE Women’s Championship from Trish Stratus for her first WWE title. Throughout her WWE career, Mickie James won the women’s title six times. The names she beat are legendary.

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