Renee Young is “ready to find something to latch onto”



When WWE decided it needed to cut costs, it stopped putting so much money into original shows for the WWE Network. That meant shows like Unfiltered and Talking Smackdisappeared, at least as regularly scheduled programming. Renee Young hosted both, and absolutely loved doing so.

When they went away, she had a hard time with it, as she told Sam Roberts on his Wrestling Podcast recently:

”Yeah, when Talking Smack ended I was pretty bummed out about that. But I hope that it can come back at some point, I don’t know, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe.”

When Roberts tells her about their being so many pay-per-views and at least their being stuff like Kickoff shows to do, she makes clear that while that’s great and all she’s looking for something more.

”I would love to bring back something like an ‘Unfiltered,’ or something back in that world. I’m ready to find another thing to latch onto. I don’t know what it is yet. I’ve got a couple ideas for some things that I won’t tell you in here because they’re really smart ideas.”

She hints around that she’s surprised no one has taken the idea she has already but it’s a simple, cheap idea that she really wants to do within WWE.

Later still, she mentioned she could see herself in a role where she works both in WWE and outside it on various shows. She specifically mentioned working in “a Kelly Ripa role.” It could also be true, however, that she stays in WWE forever.

What she made perfectly clear, all told, is she’s as ambitious as it gets and WWE is going to need to keep her busy to keep her happy.

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