Renee Young On If She Thinks Her WWE Career Was Affected By Her Relationship With Jon Moxley


During an appearance on Sunday Night’s Main Event, Renee Young gave her thoughts on not feeling like her relationship with Jon Moxley affected her WWE career. Here’s what she had to say:

I actually thought it was gonna be weirder than it was, but maybe I just had my head buried in the sand about it. When Jon and I were at WWE together, it wasn’t like we were this couple that was rammed down people’s throats. When we walked through the door, we went in, and did our separate jobs, and then we’d meet each other in the car after and make our way to the next town.

So, I didn’t think there would be any real effects because I figured I was valued for my own skill aside from him being there. I do think that I was, but once he left, it was, ‘Are people gonna treat me different? Are people gonna start being weird towards me?’ I really didn’t feel that way, and I don’t know if it was more like a slow burn of feeling that happen. It wasn’t an overnight thing, and it might have been nothing.

Credit: Sunday Night Main Event. H/T WrestlingInc.

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