Rene Dupree Takes Aim At John Cena During Bizarre Social Media Rant


During last week’s episode of Smackdown, John Cena took aim at The Ruthless Aggression Era, claiming it was filled with misfits and rejects.

Rene Dupree, a wrestler during the RA era, appears to have taken issue with that notion. He used his YouTube show “Cafe de Rene Raw” to let loose with what can only be referred to an as extremely bizarre rant directly at Cena. Here are some of the highlights:

He started by paraphrasing Cena’s Comments:

I happened to see a clip of this past week’s SmackDown with my favorite and yours, John Cena.He was in the ring with ‘Moneybags’ McMahon talking about the Ruthless Aggression era, my era. Saying how it was filled with misfits and rejects.

He then went onto to make accusations that Cena’s people have been harassing him for years:

Well, ‘Super’ Cena, let me explain something to you. Over the past four or five years, your people have been showing up at my shows, signings, and there was even one douchebag that called my house a half dozen times. Are y’all butthurt that I actually have a life? That I’m actually busy without you? That I can get it done without the WWF?

Finally, he quoted rap lyrics and more than implied that he’s sleeping with multiple members of the WWE locker room:

The panties drop whenever I’m in the ring, I’m a wrestling legend and I am the pussy king. I’ve been romantically involved with two Canadians currently walking backstage at your shows.

You can listen to the full rant, questionable as it is, below:

Credit: Cafe de Rene Raw.

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