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Recap from the “Talk N’ Shop A Mania 2: The Rise of The Torturer” Event


Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson had their bizarre “Talk’N ShopAMania 2: The Rise of The Torturer” event air last night on FITE.TV. Below are quick results from the event:

* Chris Jericho, as his Clint Bobski character from WWE’s Southpaw Regional Wrestling, opened the show and ran down the card. He then buried the card when he thought the cameras were off

* They then went to Gallows’ home for the show. Karl Anderson, in a SUV, and Rocky Romero, in a kid’s car, arrived. They found Gallows rolling around in the pile of money made from the first event. Sex Ferguson, Gallows’ Southpaw character, arrived in a truck, but was attacked by masked men. They kicked him low to hype up the “Ball for a Ball” match

* Swoggle and Brian Myers defeated Rory Fox and Rimjob

* Shane Helms appeared as Detective Gregory Helms, investigating a murder as Rocky Romero was interviewing Lazer. A “dead body” next to the promo may have been a symbol for pro wrestling

* Freight Train defeated Frankie Coverdale

* Detective Helms interviewed Madman Fulton and Sami Callihan pool-side as possible suspects. He turned back around to them and they were also dead

* Teddy long cut a promo for Roll Undershed, a RAW Underground parody. A bunch of wrestlers fought and Long said it was the worst thing he’d ever seen. Rhino hit the Gore on several people. Justin Credible appeared and Rhino challenged him to a Softcore Match where they fought with blow-up water toys and stuffed animals. Tommy Dreamer came and ended up pinning Credible. Scott D’Amore ended up attacking Dreamer, revenge for being forced to sit in creative meetings with Dreamer. The other wrestlers from the match all begged for jobs

* An Evolution parody aired with Paul Lee doing his “Nature Boy” gimmick, Mike Knox parodying Batista, a Randy Orton knockoff named Nathan Horton, and a Triple H impersonator laid out by Mark Jindrak

* George North defeated Paul Lee. Knox as Batista hit Lee with a Batista Bomb after the match

* Detective Helms interviewed Balls Deep Billy for the murder investigation. He later came up on Robert Gibson selling merchandise. A sign informed everyone that Ricky Morton was not there

* The Lucha Death Match was shot in a bad part of Los Angeles with Team Chico (Watts, a zombie, comedian Taylor Williamson, Score, Alex Kozlov) vs. Team Chavo Guerrero (Chavo, Taya Valkyrie, Kizarny, JTG, Alex Kozlov’s mom). This was a wacky mess with everyone “killing” each other with bad special effects. Chico woke up in an animatd segment with Enzo, Gallows and Anderson yelling at him to wake up. Chavo was standing over Chico, and Williamson impaled Chavo with a Lightsaber to kill him. This was played as a real murder as the other dead people broke kayfabe and asked Williamson what the hell he was doing

* Detective Helms solved the murder. Air Paris walked past a barber shop window and was asked by Helms where he was the day WCW died. Helms was then shoved through the barber shop window and someone yelled that “Marty!” did it in a reference to Marty Jannetty

* The Ball for a Ball Match with Sex Ferguson vs. Chad 2 Badd was the main event. There were lots of low blow shots and guest appearances by Kevin Thorne as Mordecai, the fake Triple H from earlier, Nick Mondo, Ricky Romero, Gallows’ wife, adult film star Annie Cruz, Gangrel, Ethan Page, Virgil, Mr. Hughes, a fake Sting, Scott Steiner, The Powers of Pain and others. The Torturer was announced as the winner. Steiner’s cameo saw him ask everyone what the hell was wrong with them. He told everyone “fuck you!” and said this was worst than the first pay-per-view

The replay can be found on FITE.TV. You can read a more detailed recap at

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