Reby Hardy drops a big hint about the Broken Hardy’s being WWE bound


Reby Hardy has been on the offensive over the past few days on Twitter with her vitriol directed at Anthem and Impact Wrestling. One tweet in particular from this weekend was very interesting where she took a screenshot of a statement from and accompanied it with a thinking emoji as you can see below:

The tweet mentions the WWE, and combine it with Reby’s emoji and you have to think that there might be a connection as to where the Hardy’s are going.

Reby has had some epic rants on her Twitter account this past week. She has included claims that Anthem is threatening pay per view providers who show Matt and Jeff Hardy with their Broken characters, as well as showing proof that Impact Wrestling’s Twitter is blocking fans that are being critical of their handling of the Hardy situation.

Anthem is claiming that the Broken gimmick of Matt and Jeff is the intellectual property of Impact Wrestling; however, Reby has said in multiple tweets that she has proof that it isn’t the case and that Anthem is fighting an uphill battle.

The comment from states that everyone wins in the situation of letting the Hardy’s continue. The key part to this is mentioning those merchandise sales astronomically increase if they sign with the WWE.

This weekend will have the next television tapings for Ring Of Honor, and the Broken Hardy’s will definitely be involved as they are under contract until at least Supercard of Honor on April 1st.  It’ll be interesting to see if the Broken gimmicks are used, as they were not at the 15th Anniversary pay per view on this past Friday.

The way Anthem is treating the Hardy family is quite ridiculous. Blocking the use of the Broken gimmick really benefits nobody. Anthem and Impact Wrestling cannot use it any longer, and it is depriving the fans of one of the best gimmicks in pro wrestling over the past decade.

Reby’s attacks on Twitter probably aren’t helping a whole lot, but at the same time, she is providing quite a bit of information regarding the situation. There really isn’t a benefit for her to make this information up, and hopefully, everything gets resolved quickly so we can all move on.

The emoji that Reby posted with the screenshot is very interesting as many think the Hardy’s are heading to the WWE after WrestleMania. Is Reby showing her hand with that emoji and confirming that it is the case?

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