Reasons why Alexa Bliss should retain WWE Womwn’s Championship on Elimination Chamber


Alexa Bliss has proven that she is a force to be reckoned with.  Her biggest challenge yet comes when the Elimination Chamber PPV takes place.

Bliss has really developed into a main event star over the last two years, primarily since her main roster debut.  With her cunning personality tied with acute resourcefulness, Bliss’ accolades show why she has kept the Raw Women’s Championship almost six months.  She knows how to play the game when it comes to keeping the Championship around her waist.

Bliss is a natural heel especially when it comes to promo work.  Her arguments are valid; case in point two weeks ago on Raw with General Manager Kurt Angle.  She is clever in and out of the ring; it is just part of the equation that makes Bliss the character she is.  Being able to outsmart a majority of the talent has worked in her favor time and time again, which is another factor that has contributed to her success.

The Elimination Chamber could be Bliss’ best friend next Sunday or perhaps it could be her worse enemy.  Bliss’ plans to make friends with her Chamber opponents are obviously going to backfire.  Specifically despite Bliss making valid points for rekindling her alliance with Mickie James, the former Women’s Champion wasn’t born yesterday.   Bliss had better hope she has more tricks up her sleeve if she should walk out as Raw Women’s Champion.

Bliss will have bigger challenges if she faces the dangerous and undefeated Asuka.  The inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble winner is likely to challenge the Goddess of WWE en route to WrestleMania.  The two women have confronted each other in the ring several weeks back, which Asuka knocked Bliss out cold with a devastating kick.  One could think that surely that will be followed up in the coming weeks.

With WrestleMania slowly shaping up, the picture will begin to form as to who will be on the card by the time WWE makes it to New Orleans.  That means that there will be other feuds that will be added on to the event, thus doing a process of elimination of the outcome of the Elimination Chamber.

In addition, there is the Ronda Rousey factor that has the company turned upside down. Kurt Angle announced that Rousey will be at the Elimination Chamber to sign her Raw contract.

Even though the Elimination Chamber will be a huge challenge for all the women involved, perhaps Bliss has the biggest disadvantage with everyone gunning for her.

If she can overcome the massive amounts of steel surrounding her and five other women, then she will have an even bigger challenge in Asuka at WrestleMania.

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