Jimmy Jacobs Talks On The Reason ‘Why WWE Fired Him’


WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs was fired earlier this month after posting an Instagram photo with The Bullet Club during their “invasion” of Monday Night RAW in September. Jacobs has finally opened up about the matter in an interview with Live Audio Wrestling, saying he understands why he was let go.

“It’s nothing that I’m gonna get into, but I’ll say this: no mistake was made,” Jacobs said. “I am A-OK with the way that everything went down.”

Jericho commented on the matter, saying Jacobs should have known better than to post the photo and include the hashtag, “#BCInvasion.” Here’s the original post that got him fired:

Jacobs said he believes it was the main reason for his firing. There has been speculation that he had heat within the company before this incident, but Jacobs isn’t sure if that was the case.

“It was given to me as the reason,” Jacobs said. “I’ve read a couple reports from a couple other places saying that there were things leading up to it, that this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. If it was, I’m not aware of any of that, but it’s certainly possible. Who knows? But, yeah, it was because of the picture, for sure.”

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