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The Real Pakistani Hulk Might walks into WWE.


Twenty-five-year-old Arbab Khizer Hayat weighs just a little under 1,000 pounds, but still manages to live his day to day life, stand and walk with only the help of a cane, and even perform astonishing feats of strength. He can stop moving tractors with his bare hands and can even hold back two sedans at the same time. Now, he wants to show off his incredible strength in a WWE ring.

The WWE has made superstars, and even multi-time world champions, out of professional wrestlers with astounding physical statures. Most of them were even imports from foreign countries such as the 7’1″, 346 pounder Great Khali who hails from India. Other prime examples of this would be the Big Show and the WWE Hall of Fame inductee Andre the Giant.

With these in mind, it may not be far off that Hayat – dubbed the “Pakistani Hulk” – will actually make it in the world of professional wrestling. However, a potential drawback to is the lack of what he has to offer aside from sheer strength. WWE CEO Vince McMahon could take a chance on him, but the most popular stars in the modern era of wrestling have a far vaster skillsets – including high-flying acrobatics, which are a huge doubt for a 960-pound man.

“My immediate goal is to enter World Wresting Entertainment competitions. I am looking to meet weight targets and I am consulting doctors to keep nutrition going,” Hayat said in an interview with the New York Post. His daily diet consists of 36 eggs, seven pounds of meat, and five liters of milk, with other food interspersed throughout the day.

At only 25 years old, Hayat still definitely has some time to improve, with most wrestlers reaching their peaks at a much later age. He would definitely have to work on his stamina, as most WWE matches last considerably longer than the couple seconds he spends holding moving vehicles back. If he can improve on this, among other things, he could make a WWE appearance in the future.

Fortunately, Hayat has other plans if a foray into the WWE does not work out. He also plans to one day join the World’s Strongest Man competition, according to Maxim.


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