Raven On His Time In ECW And How The Internet Would Have Impacted The Company


Raven was a recent guest on “Heated Conversations With Booker T”. During the podcast, he discussed why ECW was as successful as it was and how he believed that the rise in social media in recent years would have been to the company’s benefit. Here are the highlights:

Raven On The Key To ECW’s Success:

It was crazy because they were just on the cusp of getting big, so I got there right in time just riding the wave. I was there for the two years when they were the most influential. They revolutionized the business in a sense because the business had gotten really stale where you’d have the old-timers would sit in a hold for like 20 minutes, they wouldn’t even work a hold. Paul Heyman had said that we were changing that.

They changed the music. They changed the sound. You know what I mean? He borrowed from a lot of places so it wasn’t like he created the whole thing, but he was smart enough to coalesce all these elements where whether it was the cruiserweights he got from Mexico and then he got the music and stuff from Memphis. He got stuff from FMW [Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling], the violence from Japan in FMW and then he just put it all together into a soup. He picked all the right ingredients and knew how to stir the pot.

Raven On How The Internet & The Rise Of Social Media Would Have Been A Benefit To ECW:

I definitely think it would have spread further. They came so close to picking up the No. 2 spot when WCW was going out of business. Then they were put on Spike TV before it was Spike. The network just didn’t get behind it. There is so many what-ifs, but I try not to dwell on the past. I look back fondly, but I hate to play the what-if game because there were so many things that could have happened – so many things that could have gone right and so many things that could have gone wrong too.

But it’s a moment in time and I guess that is what makes it so special too because it is a moment in time and it just happened and it won’t happen again.

You can listen to the full episode of “Heated Conversations With Booker T” below:

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