Rashid Street Fighter 6 – Guide and Release Date


We’re about a month out from the first launch of Street Fighter 6 and the base game still has a lot to offer. Capcom has already started to add new content though, giving new reasons for players to jump back into one of the best fighting games of the year. Rashid in Street Fighter 6 is going to be the biggest update in a while. A brand new fighter, and we now know even more about what his moves will be thanks to Capcom releasing a full character guide for Rashid.

Rashid Street Fighter 6

Source: Capcom

Capcom has confirmed the Rashid in Street Fighter 6 release date and some more information about how he’ll actually play. DLC characters have the potential to upend the balance that’s been figured out in the game so far, potentially opening things up competitively. With their early inclusion at tournaments, it’s going to add an extra layer of unpredictability to proceedings. This is what we know about the new character so far.

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Rashid in Street Fighter 6

Rashid is coming to the game as the first fighter to join the full roster since release. He’ll be a playable character that you can use, but he’s been added to the entirety of the game. Rashid is coming to Street Fighter 6 World Tour too, as a character you can encounter. Plus, you’ll be able to use his moves on your avatar too! Rashid in Street Fighter 6 is confirming that DLC characters are going beyond just filling out the cast of Street Fighter 6 characters.

Rashid’s moveset is the main event here. Capcom has shown off some of them in some gameplay, where Rashid is using parkour moves and showing off fast movement. Now even closer to the Rashid Street Fighter 6 release date, we’ve got a full character guide. These are some of the highlights we’ve seen.

  • Arabian Cyclone – A special move with a whirlwind spinning kick
  • Arabian Skyhigh – A new double jump move
  • Spinning Mixer – An updated classic move
  • Eagle Spike – This has had some changes but can still spike enemies.
  • Whirlwind Shot – Much different to past moves, it can now be charged to deal even more damage. This even powers up subsequent attacks.
  • Super Rashid Kick – Level 1 Super Art Kick
  • Ysaar – Level 2 Super Art. Slower moving whirlwind projectile
  • Altair – Level 3 Super Art, a wind storm that lifts opponents up.

That’s some of the big fresh moves for Rashid in Street Fighter 6. The changes to Whirlwind Shot are particularly interesting. The character’s moves will power up the next move, great for combos and rushdown gameplay. If you’ve been trying to master combos and get better at fighting games, then this might be a really useful move. He looks like an exciting addition to the cast, but when is he arriving?

Rashid Street Fighter 6

Source: Capcom

Rashid Street Fighter 6 Release Date

The release date for Rashid in Street Fighter 6 is going to be July 24th! As the first fighter added to the game, he’s going to unlock instantly for a lot of players. He’ll be free if you bought the deluxe or ultimate edition of the game, or have purchased the year 1 Character Pass. If you want to play before you decide, the game gives you an hour to try him out with a rental ticket.

Rashid in Esports Events

A bit more controversially, Rashid will be playable at some early events. He’s going to be part of the roster for Street Fighter 6 at EVO 2023 just a short while after his release! Players won’t have long to get to grips with the new character. Although, this will definitely make for some interesting matchups if some of the best players opt to go for the more unpredictable new character.

Rashid in Street Fighter 6 is going to be a fun addition to the series, and it’ll be exciting to see how he affects the upcoming majors and fighting game tournaments! We start playing the new character in the game itself from July 24th, so keep an eye on the Street Fighter patch notes to see how things develop once he hits the game.

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