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Raiders 2023 free agency: Backup quarterback options


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The Raiders will likely a veteran between Jimmy G. and a rookie

The Las Vegas Raiders have plenty of work remaining to do in free agency and apparently, one of the moves they want to make is to add a veteran backup quarterback.

Yes, they just signed Jimmy Garoppolo to be the starter and they very well may draft a quarterback as well. But it makes sense that Las Vegas is considering adding a veteran quarterback behind Garoppolo, who has only played one full season because of injuries.

Let’s look at some possible fits in free agency.

Brian Hoyer makes sense. He was with Raiders coach Josh McDaniels for four seasons in New England and McDaniels loves working with players he has experience with. Hence, the Jimmy G. signing.

But Hoyer is 37 and is reportedly considering retirement.

Another former McDaniels’ player is Jacoby Brissett. But he might be holding out for a better deal. Tampa Bay is reportedly interested in both Brissett and Baker Mayfield. If they add one of them, perhaps the other would consider going to the Raiders.

Other free agent backups include Teddy Bridgewater, Gardner Minshaw and former Raiders’ backup Marcus Mariota. As always, the veteran backup quarterback group is less than inspiring, but one of these players could end up in Las Vegas.

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