‘Rafael Nadal’s going to go day-by-day’, says expert


With each injury he suffers, it seems that Rafael Nadal’s career is closer to its end. The fear among fans of the “white sport” that injuries will anticipate the retirement of the greatest Grand Slam winner is latent. And now more than ever. At this point, at 36 years old and being a father for the first time, the Mallorcan’s priorities could change from one day to the next. There is practically nothing left for him to achieve on a tennis court, with a guaranteed place in the conversation of the greatest tennis players of all time, but still with the hope of continuing to increase his record, if injuries allow him to. allow. But what motivates him to keep going? “I have the motivation because I like tennis. I know it won’t be forever and I like to feel competitive. When you like one thing, you sacrifice many others. I need to avoid a long time out, otherwise it will be hard. I’ve spent seven months almost without playing and I can’t be away for a long time again. It would be difficult to find a rhythm and be competitive again,” Nadal commented after his elimination at the Australian Open at the hands of Mackenzie McDonald. Rafa will spend six to eight weeks away due to injury and will only be able to return for the clay-court tour, where he will undoubtedly skip the big goal he has on his doorstep: Roland Garros. How much time do you think is left in Rafael Nadal’s career?

Alex Corretja reflects on Nadal

Alex Corretja expects Rafael Nadal to continue his career and does not see him retiring after the 2023 French Open, as it has been rumored. “We know that Rafa is going to try until the end of his career, whatever he feels. So I don’t necessarily feel that he’s going to retire after Roland Garros, he’s going to go day-by-day. He actually said on Eurosport in Spain something like ‘I’m going to continue until I see that I’m not going to be able to continue playing,” he told Eurosport. “So I don’t think it’s going to be the end of Rafa after Roland-Garros. Definitely when he’s got these injuries it is [a little] step back in his mind and he also needs to recover. But if it’s a short one I think it will give him like the hope to get ready again to hopefully have another chance to win another major – which might make a big difference on his career or not. Because at the end, when you’ve been winning so much, I don’t think we need to count on whether he wins more majors or not,” he expressed.

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