Rafael Nadal reveals his dream to pursue before retiring


Through a recent Instagram live, Rafael Nadal talked about his dreams, both in life and related to his career and he was quite explicit about it.

Rafa will return to the court in Madrid, after the second round achieved in Barcelona, after the defeat against Alex De Minaur. A defeat which, however, did not demoralize Rafa’s dreams.

“What are my dreams inside and outside the world of tennis? Well on a professional level I just need to play and be present in the next tournaments, in terms of results I don’t ask for anything, I have achieved more than I could have ever dreamed of, so absolutely I don’t ask for anything,” he explained.

We are now at the final stages of an extraordinary career. Nadal is now in the last months (he will probably say goodbye in 2024) of an extraordinary career. The Spaniard has appeared to be in precarious physical conditions for some time, but the last year and a half has seen him constantly struggling with injuries. Among his enthusiasts there is a great doubt that they will never see the ruler who dominated and destroyed every adversary again.

Rafael Nadal, Barcelona 2024

Rafael Nadal, Barcelona 2024© David Ramos / Staff – Getty Images Sport


Rafa’s dreams for the end of his career

After months of waiting and several withdrawals, as mentioned, Rafa returned to the field in the ATP tournament in Barcelona, won his first match against Flavio Cobolli and lost in the second round against De Minaur. Nadal only fought in the first set and then practically stopped and the match highlighted a rather rough physical condition for a tennis player who has repeatedly declared that he only wants to play competitively.

Rafael Nadal, Barcelona 2024

Rafael Nadal, Barcelona 2024© Stream screenshot


By his own admission it is not possible at the moment but Nadal will try to play the next tournaments to evaluate his conditions, starting with the now imminent Masters 1000 in Madrid.

“As far as my private life is concerned, it’s enough for me to live everyday life, see my family grow and share this growth process with them and for me it’s also about learning. I would then like to travel a lot with them and see places together,” said the Spaniard, still talking about his dreams.

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