Racism, violence, attacks: terrible evening in Ajaccio


The situation around this game between Corsicans and Marseille was tense, and unfortunately everything that happened afterwards was more or less predictable. Already on Friday, there had been incidents in the city center of Ajaccio, between supporters of the local team and OM. “Tomorrow (this Saturday, editor’s note), the match must be canceled » and that the Marseille supporters expected by boat “don’t disembark” in order to prevent them “expose themselves to a risk of violence which is already present and which could, I fear, take on an uncontrollable scale. When there is an actual disturbance of public order, a threat to the safety of persons and property, I think that these measures are not disproportionate. There is still time to limit the breakage »asked the mayor of the city Stéphane Sbraggia.

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And unfortunately, the sequence of events proved the mayor of Ajaccio right… Already before kick-off, there was violence between the fans of the two clubs. Present in large numbers – there were only to be 450 at the start – OM supporters thus came to blows with the ultras from Ajaccio and the stewards of François Coty. ACA fans reportedly made racist comments. Then, when the Marseille supporters settled in their parking lot, Ajaccio supporters again launched racist songs and cries of monkeys. This gave rise to particularly tense moments.

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And it continued after the game. As reported RMC Sports, after the match, a hundred Marseille supporters created panic in a Total gas station a few meters next to the stadium. They thus intimidated Ajaccio fans, then attacked a journalist from France Television who was filming the scene. Before, a young OM supporter aged only 8 and suffering from cancer had been attacked by Corsicans inside the stadium, with his father. Their OM jerseys were ripped off and burned.

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“On April 25, AC Ajaccio had the pleasure of hosting the association “Des coccinelles rouges pour Thomas” at the François-Coty stadium. Among the children of this association was little Kenzo, who was suffering from cancer. He had expressed his dream of meeting the players of Olympique de Marseille, the club of his city and his heart. Kenzo and his family were invited to the François-Coty stadium on the initiative of the Rotary Club and the president of Air Corsica, so that the child realizes his dream during the ACA-OM meeting this evening. The dream quickly turned into a nightmare when Kenzo and his parents, who came in the colors of Olympique de Marseille, were shamefully abused by individuals who broke into their dressing room. Alerted, the security of the club intervened. Kenzo and his family were taken care of by the club’s services and accompanied to the changing room area so that the child could fulfill his dream. These individuals in no way represent the values ​​of our club and our island. Even the most extreme stupidity cannot excuse these behaviors! The club strongly condemns these unspeakable acts! AC Ajaccio will shed full light on these shameful actions. As soon as the individuals have been identified by our services, we will file a complaint against them. AC Ajaccio is in solidarity with little Kenzo and his parents., thus launched the Corsican club. An evening to forget, for Ajaccio, for OM, and for French football.

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