QT Marshall wins a championship in AAA


QT Marshall is on the run of a lifetime in AAA. He beat Pentagon Jr. in an ambulance match for his debut, then he bested Penta once again to win the AAA Latin American Championship at Triplemania XXXI Mexico City.

QT competed against Pentagon, Dralistico, and Texano Jr. for the vacant Latin American strap. The action was a four-way free-for-all.

QT shined with a DDP blitz of cutters. He cracked Dralistico with a pop-up cutter. He popped Texano with a springboard cutter. The cutter on Penta was a little more difficult to hit, however, QT got it with style. He hopped onto the turnbuckles for a super cutter, but Pentagon shoved him off. QT landed a backflip and caught Penta in the air for a cutter. Feel the bang!

QT picked his spot for the finish. Penta had victory within reach after a package piledriver to Dralistico on a makeshift ‘table’ with a wooden board and chairs. QT swiftly surprised Penta to pull off his mask, kick him in the groin, then score a roll-up to win. New champ! New champ! New champ!

There’s nothing more Latin American than QT’s smiling face.

Watch QT’s moment of glory on the replay of Triplemania XXXI Mexico City streaming through Fite TV as a single show or a bundle with the other two Triplemania events in 2023.

What amazing feat do you think QT Marshall will accomplish next?

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