Puel explains Galtier’s failure at PSG


French coach Claude Puel believes he knows why his colleague Christophe Galtier fails to make PSG shine.

Even if it is at the top of the championship and still in the race for the Champions League, PSG is not having an exceptional season. Since the beginning of the QSI era it is perhaps the least successful of all. Logically, it is Christophe Galtier, the trainer, who is singled out for this half-fig half-grape performance.

“At PSG, you are stuck because of the MNM”

Why the former Nice coach fails to make the most of this bloated workforce. Claude Puel, one of the most experienced French coaches, puts forward a hypothesis. “It’s complicated to put something in place in Paris. There are the three in front (Mbappé, Messi, Neymar) and, then, the coach must find the best device to use their talent while respecting the balance, ”he said in an interview with L’Equipe.

During the first part of the season, PSG had been rather attractive, quietly dominating Ligue 1. The imbalance in the eleven was less of a problem. Puel has an explanation for this. “I saw a great Paris until the World Cup, everyone was physically well, the front three respected the block, they replaced themselves and managed to tighten the lines. Behind, Vitinha was good, (Marco) Verratti and Marquinhos multiplied to play the game, recover balls, break lines or initiate transitions. But keeping up this pace with a World Cup in the middle is tough.

So what would be the solution for this Paris to become efficient again? Puel’s response: “The block is forced to step back to recover the ball, and therefore forced to start again from lower, with tired players and a goalkeeper (Donnarumma) who is not very comfortable on foot . Paris can quickly be in danger if he no longer has possession. In a collective, defensive and offensive tasks must be better distributed. And the intensity must be stronger. »

There is also the option of having one of the three forwards sit on the bench. Impossible according to Puel: “Getting the stars to play is the problem for PSG coaches. And then none of the three would accept a turnover. So you are stuck. »

Puel explains Galtier’s failure at PSG 24hfootnews.

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