PSG releases an answer for this incredible project


Historically, PSG is linked to the Parc des Princes. It is the stadium of the capital club, but in the future, this could change. While Qatar dreams bigger in order to welcome even more spectators, reflections are carried out internally. There is thus the possibility of buying the Stade de France, but other options would also be considered.

THE Princes Park where the Stade de France ? Where will PSG play in the future? For several weeks, the future stadium of the capital club has been talking about. Indeed, blocked by Paris City Hall to redeem the Princes Parkthe Qataris plan to buy the Stade de France. A move to Saint-Denis thus causes a lot of talk, but now the PSG could finally play… in both stadiums.

PSG at the Parc des Princes… and at the Stade de France?

As explained The Team this Saturday, PSG would have thought a few months ago about the possibility of playing both the Princes Park and at Stage of France. An incredible idea that would obviously have economic disadvantages, but also several advantages. Requested by the sports daily, the PSG did not deny this possibility, but explained however that it would not have gone further for financial reasons.

Alternate according to the posters

Vincent Chaudelpresident of the sport business observatory, also mentioned for Capital this possibility that the PSG alternates between the Princes Park and the Stade de France. ” PSG would have no trouble filling the Stade de France in big European Cup matches or Ligue 1 shocks. But for less prestigious matches, it would not be easy. One could therefore imagine that once owner of the stadium, the PSG decides to play only the big posters at the Stade de France, that is to say ten matches per year. And the other matches at the Parc des Princes, which has a smaller capacity “, he explained.

PSG releases an answer for this incredible project 24hfootnews.

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