PSG: Messi’s signature is expected, he pulls out his secret weapon


Lionel Messi is undoubtedly FC Barcelona’s top priority for this summer. Barça would bend over backwards to repatriate the PSG striker and use his last cartridge.

“Those who sit on the Camp Nou touchline have no doubt about it. We need Messi. From a footballing point of view, his arrival would be huge”. Here is the message that a source of the heart rate Barcelona passed to The Athletic regarding the need to repatriate Lionel Messi to help maximize the creative capacity of the Barca. The British media further assures that Xavi Hernandez would campaign for his former teammate to come and play under his orders in the culé club.

Barca are preparing a financial plan to present to La Liga

The contract of Lionel Messi will expire next June at PSG and the trend suggests that a free departure from any contract is becoming clearer as the days go by. Having his feet and fists bound by the salary cap introduced in La Liga, the heart rate Barcelona would be ready to submit a financial viability plan to the Spanish football body according to The Athletic.

Barcelona play their ultimate joker for Messi, but not only

This financial plan in question would be essential for the transfer window to come from FC Barcelona according to the testimony of a source at The Athletic. “It’s not just about the potential signing of Messi, any deals we would like to consider this summer will be highly dependent on Tebas and La Liga’s stance on this viability plan and our salary cap”. The stage is set for the attacker of the PSG.

PSG: Messi’s signature is expected, he pulls out his secret weapon 24hfootnews.

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