PSG: “He will not stay”, he announces a great departure live


Kylian Mbappé could not light the fuse, like Lionel Messi, to allow PSG to dream bigger at the Allianz Arena on Wednesday evening (2-0). For Christophe Galtier, it’s an end of the race according to Daniel Riolo on the sidelines of Paris Saint-Germain.

THE Paris HolyGerman will therefore have remained silent in the face of Bayern Munich during these 1/8th finals of the Champions League (1-0/2-0). But this is not an isolated case since the heart rate Barcelona and the‘Inter had also broken their teeth during the group stages against the Bavarian wall. Only the Victoria plzen had managed to score not one, but two goals for the German champion. German rigor got the better of the PSG and his trainer Christopher Galtier.

“My future depends on my direction”

After the premature elimination of PSG again in the Champions League, Christopher Galtier did not wish to dwell on the rest of the operations concerning him, but clearly did not suggest that he could continue next season. “Any questions about my future after this game? No it’s too early. My future depends on my direction. There is a disappointment. I’m still focused on the end of the season, I’m staying the course with a lot of energy. It will have to be digested quickly. »

“It’s over, it’s a goodbye”

However, for Daniel Riolo, Christopher Galtier has shown its limits and will no longer be the coach of the PSG next season. “If he can have the lucidity to leave very quickly. He can prepare his luggage. Go, take the down jacket, take the tracksuits, it will make memories for you, go with it. He is no longer PSG coach, it’s over, you have to know. He may be finishing the season, if you want, but it’s over, it’s a goodbye, he’s not going to stay. confided the editorialist of RMC for the showAfterFoot.

PSG: “He will not stay”, he announces a great departure live 24hfootnews.

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