PSG: good news in sight in the Vlahovic file?


Upset by the disappointing season of Juventus Turin, Dusan Vlahovic could set sail next summer. The heavy season inflicted this week on the Old Lady could definitely convince the Serbian international.

Dusan Vlahovic, Juventus Torino-Villarreal game

Arrived during the last winter transfer window from Fiorentina against a check for 80 million euros (bonus included), the Turin club striker could quickly move on if we are to believe the various echoes from Italy. In financial difficulty, Juve could resolve to let Vlahovic slip away during the next summer transfer window provided they recover the amount invested a year ago.

The big ones already on the spot

Warned of the situation, the major European clubs should position themselves at the end of the season on this issue. His profile is quite rare and several leaders are precisely looking for a center forward capable of scoring around thirty goals per season in all competitions. This is far from being the case at Juventus Turin at the moment, but its potential is very real. In the Premier League, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal are already considering the possibility of making an offer for the Serbian striker. Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich are also on the lookout.

Juve adrift

Friday evening, the Federal Court of Appeal decided to impose very heavy penalties on Juventus Turin, suspected of irregularities in its financial management in recent years. While the Italian Federation had asked for a lighter penalty (9 points), the Old Lady finally received 15 penalty points in Serie A. As a reminder, the Italian club is accused of having used accounting tricks in order to circumvent the rules of financial fair play. This very heavy sanction on the sporting level will of course have significant consequences on the current season of the Turin club, which could be deprived of the European Cup during the 2023-24 financial year.

PSG: good news in sight in the Vlahovic file? 24hfootnews.

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