PSG drops the deal for Messi, he wants to take advantage of it


While his father would demand an increase in his salary to stay in Paris, PSG would refuse. Lionel Messi will therefore leave the club and at FC Barcelona, ​​​​we expect him with open arms.

The more the days pass, the less a contract extension seems to be possible for Lionel Messi At PSG. And this is not the information disclosed by The Parisian Wednesday which will suggest the opposite. According to the capital’s daily, the father of the striker PSGto know Jorge Messiwould expect from the Parisian management that a new contract accompanied by a salary increase be offered to Lionel Messi due to his new status as world champion acquired in Qatar last fall.

PSG will not retain Messi and will not comply with his demands

THE PSGaccording The Parisian, would be reluctant to make such a gesture, enough to precipitate his departure at the end of the season at the end of his contract. revealed to you on April 17 that in the event of a desire to Lionel Messi to leave, the PSG won’t hold it back. There is regular talk of a historic return to the FC Barcelona for the living legend of Barca now and the testimonies follow one another in Catalonia on this subject. The latest is from Ferran Torresstriker of the culé club.

‘It would be nice for Leo to come back after all he has given to the club’

For Movistar+, Ferran Torres let go as to the possibility of a return of Lionel Messi At Barca. “It would be good for Leo to come back after all he gave to the club. There is no need for Busquets, Alba to ask him to come back, believe me. There are rumors that have come out…” . Now, it remains to be seen whether the heart rate Barcelona will find common ground with La Liga on its economic viability plan submitted to the league in order to financially assume the return of Lionel Messi.

PSG drops the deal for Messi, he wants to take advantage of it 24hfootnews.

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