PSG: Catastrophe for Neymar, he comes out of silence


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March isn’t over yet, but Neymar has already ended his season. Victim of a sprained ankle last February, the PSG player decided to go through the operation box and prepare for the next exercise. Silent in recent weeks, Neymar has given his news on social networks.

Neymar’s season ended on February 19. Injured in the ankle during a match against LOSCthe Brazilian player made the decision to stop dead and go through the operation box to patch up this ankle, already affected last November, during the Global.

Season over for Neymar

Lately, Neymar had gone to Doha to undergo a ligament repair operation, in order to avoid a major risk of recurrence » as announced by the PSG through a press release. As he slowly recovers from this blow, the Brazilian has given some news.

Neymar reassures his fans with music by Bob Marley

On instagram, Neymar posted a photo of his ankle. All accompanied by music by Bob Marley.Don’t worry about a thing – ‘Cause every little thing is gonna be alright’ could we hear on his story. A way to reassure his fans.

PSG: Catastrophe for Neymar, he comes out of silence 24hfootnews.

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