Pros and Cons of Potentially Bringing Back Kelly Kelly for WWE WrestleMania 33


Kelly Kelly return at WWE WrestleMania 33 would force two vastly different eras of women’s wrestling to collide.

The former Divas champ sauntering back into the WWE spotlight in time for the biggest event of the year would be a shock to the system. The women’s division has transformed in her absence, and it’s hard to imagine her fitting in.

Still, Kelly Kelly would bring some buzz to WrestleMania and open up a number of new directions for WWE to take.

That’s what the company may be thinking right now. As strong as the women’s division is right now, a recent backstage interview hinted at Kelly Kelly coming back.

On the Feb. 13 edition of Raw, in her first WWE appearance in years, she teased the possibility of another run.

“There’s definitely a chance,” she said on the possibility of a comeback and heading to WrestleMania. “I love meeting the fans. Yeah, so look forward to that, and you never know. Maybe something else.”

She would be a welcome addition to The Show of Shows in a cameo role, but the company is better off keeping her out of the ring.

When Kelly Kelly (real name: Barbie Blank-Souray) left WWE in 2012, women’s wrestling was not nearly as strong as it is today. Models-turned-Superstars filled most of the division. Women’s matches didn’t often last longer than two minutes.

Thanks to increased opportunities and an abundance of talent on the female side of the roster, all that has changed. Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and others have spear-headed a revolutionary change in the women’s division that has led to a growing collection of great matches.

Read on for a look at the pros and cons of bringing her back into the fold following all those advancements.

Pro: Name Power

Welcoming Kelly Kelly to WrestleMania isn’t like bringing back Sting or Goldberg, but she’s recognizable and would create some buzz for the event.

She was one of the top stars of the women’s division in the early 2010s and Divas champ in 2011, and she competed in three editions of The Show of Shows. Beyond that, she’s added a modicum of fame by being on the reality show WAGS.

WrestleMania has brought in names less familiar to wrestling fans like Maria Menounos.

To a small degree, the event will feel bigger with Kelly Kelly involved. She’s both a low-level celebrity and a blast from the past.

Con: Subpar in the Ring

If Kelly Kelly’s return involves wrestling, the quality of WrestleMania will suffer.

She’s a decent athlete and had some “it” factor, but she’s a poor in-ring performer, to be kind. Kelly Kelly was the embodiment of a period in women’s wrestling where the matches were invitations to head to the concession stand.

Dave Meltzer’s ratings for her matches in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Internet Wrestling Database) speak to that.

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