Photo: Emma Raducanu gives sneak peek into her rehab process


Emma Raducanu continues to rehab after undergoing surgeries on both wrists and her left ankle.

On March 3rd, Raducanu announced she was having multiple surgeries.

By March 15th, all of Raducanu’s three surgeries were completed.

Now, Raducanu is in the process of rehabbing as she took to her Instagram to share a sneak peek of her rehab process with fans. 

Raducanu won’t rush her comeback

Raducanu will miss the entire grass season but many expect the Briton to miss more than just Wimbledon. 

For over a year, Raducanu was dealing with constant injuries and physical setbacks.

In late April, Raducanu seemingly reached her breaking point and decided it was time to surgically address her injuries. 

After withdrawing from the Madrid Open, Raducanu announced multiple surgeries in a lengthy message posted on her Instagram.

“It is safe to say the last 10 months have been difficult as I dealt with a recurring injury on a bone of both hands. I tried my best to manage the pain and play through it for most of this year and end of last year by reducing practice load dramatically, missing weeks of training as well as cutting last season short to try [to] heal it. Unfortunately, it’s not enough. I’m having a minor procedure done on both hands to resolve the issues. I’m disappointed to share that I will be out for the next few months and while I am at it will have another minor procedure that is due on my ankle. It pains me that I will miss the summer events and I tried to downplay the issues so I thank all my fans who continued to support me when you did not know the facts. Looking forward to seeing you all back out there,” Raducanu said in early May.

For Raducanu, the main thing right now is to fully recover from her surgeries.

Then, Raducanu will focus on preparing for her comeback to tennis.

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