PGA Tour, Jay Monahan will resume his role


With a letter addressed to the members of the PGA Tour Policy Board, Jay Monahan announced that from next July 17th he will resume his role as Commissioner of the PGA Tour at 100%.

Jay Monahan, Pga Tour

As we know, the day after the publication of the framework agreement between PIF, PGA Tour and DP World Tour, Monahan announced that he would be absent from his duties (temporarily entrusted to two executives of the PGA Tour, Ron Price, Chief Operating Officer, and Tyler Dennis, executive vice-president) in order to better deal with a “medical situation” to which he also refers in the letter announcing his return.

But what is the situation that will face?

If we reconstruct the latest events prior to his temporary absence, I think it won’t be easy.

After the announcement of the future merger between in Tours, he faced a barrage of criticism, starting from the fans to get to the players of the Tour.

The worst moment coincided with the meeting, held with the players, on the sidelines of the RBC Canadian Open.

Big words and heavy accusations flew, even requests for resignation addressed to the Commissioner.

Has things calmed down this past month?

I think Monahan will find out soon, although he shows some confidence in the near future:

“I look forward to engaging with each of you – whether it’s players, partners, fans or anyone in the PGA Tour family – to answer any questions and protect the game we love.”

“We can have confidence that the PGA Tour will continue to lead and shape the game of golf in the future.”

Beyond these ritual declarations, what is certain is that the Commissioner has very busy months ahead of him.

And the first commitment will be this week.

The US Senate Commission charged with shedding light on the matter of the agreement between the Tours will hear his testimony, together with that of Yasir Al-Rumayyan, governor of the PIF.

A (re-)start with a bang.

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