Pete Dunne Talks Royal Rumble, UK Takeover, Who He Thinks Is The Best In The Business


United Kingdom champion Pete Dunne interviewed with Metro recently to discuss the upcoming NXT UK Takeover special in Blackpool, England. Dunne also revealed who he believes to be the top talent in the world currently, and if he will be making an appearance in the 2019 Royal Rumble. Check out all of Dunne’s comments below.


I’d love to be in it but it’s really not my focal point. Like getting to appear on Raw, if I get the call then I’ll be ecstatic about it, but it’s not something I let get into my head before. From my side, my focus is on building the NXT UK foundation and I want it to hold up. In ten years time I want people to say that every single title match I had holds up, and they’re all top quality. Bit by bit I want to build up my name and my career and create a legacy of title matches to look back on. But if I get the call, that’s great, but I’m patient and there’s no rush.


For me and Tyler Bate especially it’s really special, it’s where we first broke in at WWE and where we made that name for ourselves initially. Our lives changed overnight and over the past few years I haven’t had a single second to reflect on that because it’s been one thing to the next. At the show, myself and Tyler are going to take a moment to enjoy just how far we’ve really come over the last two years and how much has happened. For the brand it’s brilliant, and it’s the perfect venue. The audience there are really lively and most importantly it’s live. That makes such a huge difference. Doing episodic TV, you get a lot of exposure, but TakeOver is a completely different animal. It’ll help this brand grow tenfold.


On our brand, my standard is always Tyler. It might be obvious, but the performances he put in were unreal in Liverpool recently and he was a step above everyone else. It’s something for everyone else to chase and that’s a good thing. NXTis built on competition and the feel of the matches are competitive, but in the back it’s the same. I see Tyler pull out a great performance and it really makes me want to get in the ring. In the whole of WWE, it’s got to be AJ Styles. He’s absolutely been killing it for so many years, and now he’s in a top spot and rightfully so. I’d love to get in the ring with him some day.

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