Person Close to Naomi Reveals Details on What Led to Sasha Banks and Naomi Incident at WWE RAW?


A Twitter user who appears to be a friend of WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Naomi took to the platform last night and posted a viral thread that may provide some insight into the situation that led to Naomi and partner Sasha Banks walking out of last night’s WWE RAW from the Scope Arena in Norfolk, Virginia.

As noted, there was a situation that saw Banks and Naomi leave last night’s RAW, reportedly not happy with creative plans for the main event to determine the new #1 contender to RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. Naomi was reportedly planned to win the Six-Pack Challenge, but it was changed to Asuka vs. Becky Lynch when Banks and Naomi walked out following Banks’ meeting with WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon. WWE issued a statement to the media on last night’s walk-out, but also posted the statement to their website as they would with any storyline news, which is unusual as WWE usually stays quiet on legitimate backstage issues.

In an update, a Twitter user who goes by “Security at Joseline’s Cabaret” at @Adidas_Head88 made several tweets on Banks and Naomi, noting that he received the OK to post them. This man is followed by Naomi’s official account, and has been known to have some sort of ties to Naomi before this.

The user at @Adidas_Jead88 posted the following text in the Twitter thread:

“You are approached in February as being put in a tag team, after both being promised big feuds at WM. You bite the bullet and put everything you got into being a tag team. It works, you get over, win the titles at WM and become merch pushers.

“5 weeks into your reign you show up to live TV and ready to work. You are told you will be in the main event, and you are happy. You both are then told that one of will be going over from pinning the other. You have questions why that decision was made, and how it helps y’all.

“You request a meeting with your boss to discuss it. Your boss takes the meeting and everything is actually going well. He understands your concerns. The meeting ends well and the match is told to be reconstructed. For some reason producers get mad about it.

“You then ask with one of your members going over, what happens to your titles? You are told basically that you will just be carrying the belts. They want to use you both to help both women’s champions get more over. Bianca vs. Naomi, Sasha vs. Ronda

“Neither one of you will win the solo titles, and you won’t defend your tag titles until MITB. You ask for another meeting with your boss, but this time you are being called spoiled. A producer walks away screaming. He comes back and tell both of you to fix your attitudes.

“Y’all have a brief meeting amongst yourselves and decide to stand up for yourselves. You go to another boss, and make it clear you just have concerns. You ask why are we even in the match and why aren’t other women in it? You ask why your titles have no stories for two months?

“Again you are met with fix your attitudes. So after one final meeting with yourselves and asking others, you make the ultimate decision as a team. It’s sad how oneside is trying to create a fucked up narrative.

“Also, it was asked why were Nikki ASH and Doudrop in the match instead of starting their program tonight. Naomi nor Sasha talked down about being in the ring with either one. Idk how that got flipped.”

Naomi and Banks still have not commented on what happened last night, and there’s still no word yet on if this is some big storyline or not.

WWE’s statement noted that Banks and Naomi handed over their title belts to WWE Talent Relations head John Laurinaitis, but there’s still no word on what will happen to the titles.

Stay tuned for more. Below are the aforementioned tweets from @Adidas_Head88, and a few more related posts from that user:

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