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Per Deebo: Trey Lance has some touch on the ball


San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears
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#Progress, which is all you can ask for at this point from Lance

Yes, we are going to be talking about quarterbacks in San Francisco 49ers training camp and yes, this is yet another battle of quarterbacks for a team that has a history of quarterback battles. We know Brock Purdy has been cleared, but what news have we on Trey Lance beyond short videos of a quicker release?

Well, one of his wide receivers has some words. After Day 1 of training camp on Wednesday, Deebo Samuel met with the media and said Lance has gotten better. When the question of “how” came up, Deebo had this to say:

The way the ball is coming out. He used the throw the ball kind of hard, a lot. He’s got great touch to his ball now. He’s more comfortable, more relaxed back there, looks more poised to me.

Throws with touch. If you were around during the Colin Kaepernick days, you’d know the “Throw with touch” is a term that 49ers fans were pulling their hair out over. Kaepernick had one speed: cannon. A speed and velocity so great it dislocated Randy Moss’s hand. So when you hear how fast and hard Trey Lance has thrown it in the past, there’s one direction many may go.

Trey Lance had the arm strength but the fact he can add some touch to his throws is a nice plus. During training camp it was reported he managed to break out a 30+ yard run also.

We are a long ways away from seeing just how much Trey Lance has put things together in the offseason. Anyone who is a golfer knows that if you are hitting it deep, straight, and on target on a driving range is one thing, doing those same shots on an actual course with obstacles in front of you is another matter altogether. We’ll see what happens when he puts the pads on.

But at least that velocity is getting adjusted.

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