Pep Guardiola defends Erling Haaland


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Football is sometimes cruel. Despite the goalscoring records that Erling Haaland continues to break with Manchester City, the Norwegian cyborg is not immune to criticism. And these have amplified since his mediocre performance against Leipzig last Wednesday in the Champions League (1-1). But the Skyblues center-forward still retains the full confidence of his mentor, Pep Guardiola. The Spanish tactician defended the former Borussia Dortmund striker at a press conference.

“It’s our fault, not that of Erling who has been impressive since the start of the season. I don’t need statistics, as soon as the match is over, I know who was involved or not in the game, and who should be more involved or not. Scorer is the most difficult position in the world because it involves having two opponents constantly on your back, and Erling has even more. »

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