People backstage against the idea of putting Luke Harper in WrestleMania title match


The Wyatt Family initially exploded on the episode of Smackdown! Live before the Royal Rumble.  Luke Harper faced Randy Orton in a one-on-one match in order for the two members of the Wyatt Family to get their aggressions out on each other.  Bray Wyatt sat ringside for the match, and was even throwing them back into the ring so that they could settle their issues. However, after Randy Orton was victorious in the match, Bray got into the ring and pulled Harper to his feet.

At that point, the leader of the Wyatt Family would deliver Sister Abigail to the only other original member of the Family.  At the Royal Rumble, Luke Harper was the third member of the group to enter the match, and it seemed as if the Wyatt Family would dominate the rest of the match. However, Harper would instead attack his former teammates and attempt to use the Sister Abigail on Bray Wyatt, cementing his face turn.

Harper would face Orton again – in a losing effort – at the Elimination Chamber event in what was perceived to be a very good match, and one that it seemed as though was being used to solidify Luke Harper as someone who could hold his own against the likes of Randy Orton, a former twelve-time World Champion.  Orton would go on to say that he refused to challenge Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

This would spur Smackdown! Live General Manager to make a battle royal for the Number One Contenders’ spot.  Luke Harper and AJ Styles were deemed to be co-winners of the match, and they are scheduled for a singles match this week on Smackdown! Live to determine who will face Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania.


The heart of the matter

The plan, as reported by the Observer, was still for Orton to face Wyatt at WrestleMania, regardless of what has been happening on WWE television.  However, the Observer also noted that there was talk about potentially adding Luke Harper to the match, making it a triple threat match for the WWE Championship.

It was also reported that there are, “a lot,” of people within the WWE that are against the idea of putting Harper in the Championship match.  Those in favor of Harper being in the match are of the opinion that Harper beating Styles on Smackdown! Live this Tuesday would give him even more credibility so that he wouldn’t feel out of place in the match.


What’s next? 

Luke Harper will go one-on-one with AJ Styles – presumably in the main event  – on Smackdown! Live this week.  The winner will be scheduled to face Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 33 for the WWE World Championship.


Those against the idea of Harper being in the WWE Title match at WrestleMania probably aren’t listening to crowds, and that’s how professional wrestling decisions should be made.  Harper has been wildly over since turning babyface, indicating that the fans always wanted to get behind him, they just needed a reason to do so.  Now, they have a reason to get behind the big man.

Granted, Harper may not look like your traditional superstar.  As a matter of fact, the word traditional doesn’t really describe anything about Luke Harper.  He’s a very agile big man, with great work in the ring, and the crowd has clearly taken to him for whatever reason.

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