Pentagon Jr. has a mystery stalker in AAA that followed him to AEW


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Mystery stalkers are all the rage in professional wrestling. Pentagon Jr. has one of his own in AAA, and that person followed him to the AEW locker room.

Pentagon began receiving odd communications, such as this Darth Vader video with an altered voice. The stalker will reveal himself in due time. The message was that he is going to expose Pentagon as a fraud. The voice is in English with Spanish subtitles. The speech cadence is hilariously bad by speaking in run-on sentences without taking a breath.

The next message teased that Pentagon and the stalker have history in the USA. Maybe fans in Mexico won’t know him, but they will soon. The stalker is toying with Pentagon’s head as a form of psychological torture. The physical torture will be the fun part.

The stalker made his move to taunt Pentagon from close distance inside the AEW locker room. As Penta was applying his face paint, a voice said in Spanish to watch his back. The Lucha bro whirled around, and nobody was there behind him. This scene took place at the Moody Center in Austin, TX during the Dynamite taping.

Later that night, Penta caught a glimpse of the stalker, but he vanished in the stairwell.

The stalker even had access to Fenix’s phone. Pentagon threatened that his is going to find this perpetrator, and the consequences don’t matter.

That catches us up in the story. I am completely stumped about the identity of the mystery stalker. The biggest tip to help narrow the pool of options is that this person may not be well-known in Mexico. Cross off all the luchadores, Jeff Jarrett, and John Morrison. One tip was that they have a history in the USA. Pentagon’s biggest title feuds were with Marty Martinez in Lucha Underground and Austin Aries in Impact. Penta also had a mask versus hair feud against Sami Callihan in Impact.

Being in the AEW locker room could mean that is the stalker’s home promotion, or it could have been a fake-out with a random extra pretending to be the person in question to show that he can infiltrate Penta’s life anywhere.

Inside AEW, QT Marshall and Perro Peligroso are two names that jump out at me. QT is coming to Mexico for a AAA show on June 18, but he is there to be backup for Sam Adonis in the feud with Psycho Clown. Perhaps Aaron Solo is branching out for revenge. Preston Vance could be a candidate as a recent rival, and the connection to Los Ingobernables could land him a side gig in Mexico.

One thing I’m sure of is that it is not Blade. The stalker didn’t say, “News flash, slick,” before telling Pentagon to watch his back.

Who do you think is the mystery stalker?

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