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Patriots rooting guide: Who New England fans should be rooting for on Divisional Round Sunday


Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
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Two games are on the menu on Sunday.

The New England Patriots have set their sights on finding a new offensive coordinator and getting ready to make a return to the playoffs in 2023, but we will nonetheless keep a close eye on the tournament as well.

The action continues this week with the divisional round. Two games are already in the books, with two more to follow on Sunday. Welcome to our second Patriots Rooting Guide of the week.

3 p.m. ET

(3) Cincinnati Bengals at (2) Buffalo Bills: Go Bengals! While Buffalo winning the rematch of the game that was canceled due to Damar Hamlin’s in-game collapse in Week 17 would be a nice story, the Bengals are the clear choice here. They have the “not being a Patriots division rival” bonus, and it’s a pretty big one. | CBS, fuboTV

6:30 p.m. ET

(5) Dallas Cowboys at (2) San Francisco 49ers: Go 49ers! It really does not matter too much who wins this one, but San Francisco winning would give us a chance to possibly see ex-Patriot Jimmy Garoppolo in next week’s NFC title game. Also, the Cowboys losing is never a bad thing either. | FOX, fuboTV

Who will win today’s games remains to be seen, but here are our staff’s picks:

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