Pat McAfee On Which Wrestlers He Tried To Emulate During His Match With Adam Cole


During his appearance on the NotSam podcast, Pat McAfee revealed that he used The Rock, Steve Austin and Jeff Hardy as inspiration for his offensive moveset during his match against Adam Cole. Here’s what he had to say:

My punches I think were Rock-like. I think people could say my punches were a little Rock-like. Whenever I was stomping, I think you could see a little Stone Cold in there. I assume and I think those two by the way – alongside D-Generation X – those three groups right there, they probably shaped my personality. I think anybody that’s ever met me could see a little bit of Stone Cold in me, a little bit of The Rock in me and a lot of D-Generation X in me. I think a lot of my personality was shaped around that Attitude Era wrestling. So, I think naturally when you see me in the ring, that’s what you have.

I have to give a shoutout to Jeff Hardy obviously with a little Swanton out there, a little Shelton Benjamin. By the way Owen Hart – that backflip off the top, that was something that I thought always looked cool and kind of disappeared. So, it was a lot of things I just picked up throughout my fanhood that I thought were cool and see if I can accomplish. That does not make me an original at all by the way, but I think I had to pay a little bit of a tribute somehow and some way.

Credit: NotSam Podcast. H/T WrestlingInc.

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