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Paige Reportedly ‘Struggling’ To Admit Her In-Ring Career Is Over


As noted, Paige has been informed that her in-ring career is over. She suffered a mild concussion in 2015, which caused her to take some time off until cleared from medical. In August of 2016, her mother, Saraya Knight, would report that Paige is on another hiatus due to injury.

Reportedly, Paige is having a tough time accepting that her in-ring career is done.

“Paige has been burying her head in the sand ever since her latest injury, and she’s been struggling to acknowledge that her wrestling career is probably over for good,” a WWE Insider told Hollywood Life. “It’s really sad, she’s still only 25, and she should be at the peak of her career—instead, it’s looking ever more likely that Paige is going to be forced to announce her retirement.”

Paige is also reportedly not giving up on hope that she will be in the ring as a competitor again.

“This is all still fresh on her mind and she is very sad and has definitely felt that this is more bad luck for her in a year that has had many ups and downs,” a WWE source told Hollywood Life. “She doesn’t really believe it and is actually hoping for a miracle to someday wrestle again. She knows it is far fetched but her emotions are all over the place right now and she hasn’t accepted retirement just yet.”

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