Paige Reacts To Her Private Photos And Videos Being Leaked


let’s just drop this like the bomb it is. There’s a Fappening Pt. 3 going down at the moment, the annual release of hacked celebrity photographs by angry and dangerous hackers. During this installment, there were several celebrities hit by the “leak bug” and WWE anti-diva Paige was part of the crop of victims.

To be honest, those pictures and videos were probably floating around the dark web for a bit, but they finally surfaced today in a big way. And, they’re rather mind blowing. She pretty much broke the internet for a minute or two and more leaks are supposedly on the way. Other female WWE stars are rumored to be next too. It’s kind of a nervous time around Titan Towers and the WWE Performance Center right now, to say the least.

Paige released a statement about these pictures and videos showing her having “relations” with a couple WWE superstars. We’re not going to say exactly who they are, but Brad Maddox and Paige’s relationship has been documented for some time now. Needless to say, she’s not having a good time. You can probably be sure WWE is freaking out as well due to the fact they’re producing a movie about her family right now.

We also bet that Alberto Del Rio is pretty pissed at the moment.

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