Paige Comments on Mistakes, Vince’s Idea for Smackdown GM, Help from The Miz, and more


Paige was recently interviewed by Scott Fishman for In the interview Paige talked about owning up to her mistakes, the inspiration and hope that Daniel Bryan has given her, Vince McMahon’s idea to make her Smackdown general manager, The Miz helping her with promos and backstage segments, the movie thats coming out in 2019 thats about her that The Rock is executive producer, up and coming female talent, and more.

Owning up to her mistakes and telling her side of the story:

“Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, any kind of abuse. With the tape coming out and everything else happening, I wanted to tell people everything. I wanted to also take ownership for my faults. I wanted to own up to things I did and say, ‘Yes, I did do that. It sucks. I made a mistake. Here is why you shouldn’t do this or that.’ It was a great season to do that kind of stuff. I got to go to this women’s shelter. It was really inspiring. I really love this season. I just wanted to get on there so people could hear my side of the story.”

Daniel Bryan coming back from his injury gives Paige hope:

“His injury was a bit different, but he is still a superstar to me. Here is a guy who did not give up. It took three years since the last time he was in the ring. It gives me hope. I know it probably won’t happen for me because of the prognosis. But I just want a miracle to happen. Bryan is definitely an inspiration and would want to walk in his footsteps.”

It was Vince McMahon’s idea to make Paige the GM of Smackdown:

“I knew a few months back that I pretty much wasn’t going to be wrestling anymore, so I was constantly pitching ideas of what I could do. Maybe I could manage someone and be the female Paul Heyman. I was constantly pitching. I think Vince [McMahon] already had the idea to make me general manager. That was his idea. Shane McMahon really helped me the first couple of weeks. Then he stepped down, so I could solidify my spot.”

The chemistry Paige has with Miz on TV and the help he has provided her with promos and backstage segments:

“Any time I have a promo with him, and I like R-Truth too, but I always have the best chemistry with Miz. We really don’t stay on script perfectly. We kind of bounce off each other…He is the one I paid attention to when it came to promos. He helped me so much along the way with backstage segments. He made it so easy that it was great.”

Paige’s thoughts on the movie about her, “Fighting with My Family”, executive produced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson coming in 2019:

“[Writer and director] Stephen Merchant came to the Performance Center when I was training to get back in the ring again. He was like, ‘Are you ready to see your movie?’ I cried my eyes out. It’s such a good movie. It’s a female Rocky movie. It comes at a perfect time with the whole female empowerment movement. It’s just a beautiful story. It’s funny, it’s sad, mad. I get goosebumps talking about it. You guys are going to love it. I swear.”

Up and coming female talent:

“I’m going to be a little bit biased, but I feel Sonya Deville is very underrated. What she can do when given the chance is really good. Nia is fantastic. I love her. All the girls from NXT are incredible. I’m looking forward to every single one of them coming up.

I’m sure they will fit in perfectly. I’m super-pumped for Zelina [Vega]. I remember she was trying to get into the company for so many years. It finally happened for her. I was so happy she got signed and was happy she is also in part of the movie because we are really good friends. I just wish her all the success in the world. She is such an amazing human being.”

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