Paige and Lana Take Shots at Each Other on Twitter, WWE Responds


– When replying to a tweet from WWE Divas Champion Charlotte, Lana called Paige a “phony” and this led to the two having an interesting exchange on Twitter, as seen below. Paige also wrote, “Stop trying to get a storyline,” but has deleted it.

– WWE has picked up on the Lana vs. Paige Twitter drama that we covered earlier. They wrote the following:

Charlotte isn’t the only Diva who took Paige’s brazen comments personally during the contract signing for the Divas Title Match at Survivor Series.

Lana, who is currently out with a wrist injury, called Paige out over Twitter Tuesday morning for disrespecting the memory of the Divas Champion’s brother Reid, who passed away in 2013. The tweet that started it all has since been deleted, but it was severe enough to begin a war of words between Lana and the No. 1 contender to the Divas Championship all the same.

The exchange veered into highly personal territory as the two continued to snipe back and forth throughout the morning until The Ravishing Russian had exhausted all her insults and abruptly ended the beef. If nothing else, Lana’s got a ready-made foe for her in-ring debut.

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