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Packers’ Best Plays of 2022, #8: Romeo Doubs catches #500


Green Bay Packers vs New England Patriots
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Aaron Rodgers and Romeo Doubs hooked up for a vintage touchdown and a historic milestone

We’re back with day three of our Best Plays of 2022 countdown! In the lead-up to training camp, we’ll be taking a look at our favorite moments of the 2022 season, as voted on by APC contributors. The #8 play on our list is a historic one, celebrating a milestone for an NFL legend and a possible passing of the torch to a rookie receiver.

8: Romeo Doubs ties the game on a historic Rodgers throw

Davante Adams, James Jones, Greg Jennings, Romeo Doubs. The list of receivers to catch a milestone pass from Aaron Rodgers is what you’d expect outside of one entry. No, it’s not the fact one of these receivers is a generational hater, but rather that a 22-year-old rookie now has his name etched in Green Bay Packers history forever. Romeo Doubs, the now second-year wideout out of Nevada, was the recipient of Aaron Rodgers’ 500th career touchdown pass in a crucial moment.

The Packers came into their week 4 matchup with the Patriots at 2-1, and while the team already showed signs of shakiness, like a week one blowout in Minnesota, the ship was stable enough. Unfortunately, a mid-game change to Bailey Zappe gave the Patriots life. This one was closer than it had any right being, in part due to a rare pick-six from Rodgers. But we’ll look on the bright side: it set up an absolutely electrifying moment between Rodgers and the rookie Doubs.

After an early fourth-quarter drive in which the Patriots marched 66 yards for a touchdown to take a 24-17 lead, things looked pretty bleak. The Packers’ anemic offense began at their own 25, and there was little reason to believe they could put together a long drive. However, the Packers marched to the Patriots’ 13-yard line and Rodgers hit Doubs with a vintage back-shoulder toss to the end zone. Doubs was unable to win over the top against Jonathan Jones, but the gorgeous adjustment lead to a simple pitch and catch. This was Doubs’ second touchdown of the year and his first opportunity at a Lambeau Leap, which he nailed.

The play put Rodgers in even more rarified air, as he joined a list of just four other quarterbacks (Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Brett Favre) who have thrown 500 touchdowns.

Check back in tomorrow as we return with our #7 play, a touchdown run that showed off the speed of a star Packers rookie.

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