Original Plans for Dean Ambrose on Monday’s RAW, Update on Triple H’s Promo


Monday’s post-SummerSlam edition of WWE RAW from Brooklyn saw Dean Ambrose defeat Dolph Ziggler in singles action. PWInsider reports that Ambrose vs. Drew McIntyre was the original plan. No word yet on why the match was changed but WWE announced Ziggler vs. Ambrose mid-afternoon on Monday.

We noted before that there is no truth to the rumors of Brock Lesnar being included in the script for Monday’s RAW. In another rumor killer, there is no truth to the rumors on Triple H’s promo being added late in the day to replace the planned Lesnar appearance. The Triple H promo was always in the original RAW script and was designed to be a “local promo” to promote his WWE Super Show-Down match with The Undertaker.

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