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Opinions on DeAndre Hopkins vary as he finally is a free agent


Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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The drama around the DeAndre Hopkins saga is over in Arizona, so now we see what happens heading into the summer and what happens with Hopkins.

The Arizona Cardinals got one great year, one injured season and one season where he got caught cheating, then allegedly quit on the team so things went well.

Now, the question is where does he end up?

Per Albert Breer, it is divided quite a bit:

That said, there’s a healthy divide on exactly what Hopkins has left. I asked one veteran team executive what’s still there, and he answered, via text, “Not much. He can’t run anymore.” Another answer was pretty different—“He’s still a good player. Good route runner, big, physical target that can play a ball in the air. He’s still a threat.” And a third played both sides of it.

“Still great hands, he is not going to separate, not much of a deep threat, but very strong, and makes contested catches as well as anyone in the NFL,” the AFC exec said. “Does not love to practice—I can’t imagine that’ll get any better. And when things don’t go well, you’re always gonna be leery, All right, what kind of drama are we gonna get from this guy? When things are great, he’s great. When things go south, his true colors show a little bit.

“But he always shows up on game day. He’s gonna have to go to a team that knows what they’re getting. You cannot expect a perfect-attendance type of worker.”

It is interesting to see the divide, because most fans believe he is still a true wide receiver one.

However, no one, literally no one wants to pay him like one, so now is it just based on his potential? Will the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns or another team emerge?

It will be very interesting to see how this ends up.

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