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Open thread: How did you find Pride of Detroit and what made you stay?


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For the second part in our Detroit Lions census series, how did you find Pride of Detroit and why did you stay?

A few weeks ago, we learned that Detroit Lions fans span the entire globe, likely covering every single state in America and a countless amount of countries that I was unable to keep track of.

For today’s Question of the Day, I am interested in how you became a part of this Pride of Detroit community. Many of you already shared how you became a fan of the team, whether it was marveling at what Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson did on the field, or the Lions’ early outreach overseas as one of the first adopters of the international series.

But today I’m curious how you found yourself here. Are you a fan of SB Nation brand and naturally came to Pride of Detroit. Was there a specific article or writer who drew you in? Or was it just random happenstance. And to go along with that—-what made you stay?

So today’s Question of the Day is:

How did you find Pride of Detroit and what made you stay?

My answer: I can’t say I remember exactly how Pride of Detroit appeared on my radar, but I know the two main reasons I stayed.

As many of you know, I arrived on this website when it was being run by Sean Yuille. I was a commenter named ‘simscity’ at the time with no real plan to become a writer, but two things drew me to this site immediately. One, having a writer who not only showed a crazy commitment to producing solid and consistent content, but embraced that he was a fan of the team, rather than try to hide from it. Yeah, there was a little bias to the site (and there certainly still is), but that’s part of the fun. We can blast the referees when they screw the Lions in the playoffs. We can dunk on the Packers when they lose. This is an entertainment business and Pride of Detroit has never shied away from that.

The other part is the community. When I was living in California for nine years, Pride of Detroit was a haven for Lions discussion that I absolutely needed at that point in my life. We remain one of the few Detroit sports sites with an active comment section, and we’ve expanded that community to our Twitter, Discord, podcast, and Twitch page. That constant communication—even now as the site runner—is incredibly important to me.

Your turn. Explain your Pride of Detroit origin in the comment section below by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

Note: Shout out to Field Gulls for the inspriation for this question.

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