Ons Jabeur signs up to play Eastbourne leading up to Wimbledon


2022 Wimbledon finalist Ons Jabeur has signed up to compete on the grass courts of Eastbourne this year, the tournament announced.

Jabeur, 28, is set to make her third singles appearance in Eastbourne.

In 2019, Jabeur made her Eastbourne debut.

Back then, Jabeur reached the Eastbourne semifinal before being forced to give a walkover to Angelique Kerber.

In 2021, Jabeur competed in Eastbourne for the second time in her career.

This time, Jabeur didn’t enjoy a really deep run since she was beaten by Jelena Ostapenko in the round-of-16.

Jabeur played doubles with Serena Williams in Eastbourne last year

In 2022, Jabeur was scheduled to play in the singles and doubles events in Eastbourne.

But after winning Berlin, Jabeur decided not to play singles in Eastbourne.

However, Jabeur kept her promise to Williams and competed with the American in the Eastbourne doubles event.

At the time, Williams was out for 12 months and she asked Jabeur if she was willing to be her doubles partner in her first tournament back.

Jabeur and Williams ended up making the Eastbourne doubles semifinal, before deciding to give a walkover in their semifinal match.

Afterward, Jabeur opened up on how it felt to share the same side of the net with Williams.

“[Cherished playing doubles] A lot. We [did] not just play doubles, but I got to know a very nice person. We got a little bit closer. She’s really unbelievably nice. I’m very, very lucky that she texts me from time to time to encourage me. Especially after the run in Wimbledon, she really was there, texted me, was very nice. I got to practice with her here also, which is unusual for Serena. Again, being part of her tennis career, maybe at the end, yes. I’m just very lucky. I hope we can get little bit closer so she can give me some advices as a tennis player and also as a businesswoman. I’m really intrigued with that,” Jabeur said after concluding her Eastbourne doubles run with Williams.

This year’s Eastbourne tournament edition is taking place between June 26 – July 01.

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