‘One of the things Roger Federer misses the most is…’, says expert


20-time Major champion Roger Federer has been a role model for many tennis players in the last 15 years. Like all other competitors, Federer has had some dark moments in those tougher times over the years. Even so, he is usually calm and collected on the court, concentrating on the tennis and the opponent on the other side of the net. However, this was not always the case, as it would be difficult to recognize Roger by his behavior in his late teens. The Swiss could not contain his temper from the first competitive matches in youth, throwing rackets and having a say in every point he lost. Speaking of that chapter of his career in 2002, Roger said that it took him years to start improving in that segment. He realized that he required too much energy to fight himself, and he did everything he could to change that before stepping on the ATP Tour. Recalling those days, Federer also mentioned how his parents sometimes felt embarrassed while watching him play, urging him to change his attitude or go to tournaments without them. “When I was very young, and I started playing at three years old, I was always swearing on the court, throwing rackets and everything. My parents felt ashamed and told me to stop behaving like that; otherwise they wouldn’t come to tournaments with me anymore. I had to calm down, but it took me until I was 19 years old to start to improve in that aspect. In the past I used to complain about every point I lost, and I don’t know how I got over it. I thought I wasted too much energy by always being mad at myself. Now I am calm, and at Roland Garros and Wimbledon last year I received excellent press for my behavior on court. Now I almost have to watch not to act too calm on the court,” said Roger Federer.

Godsick speaks about Federer

Godsick spoke about 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer’s winning mentality and killer-instinct on the court. “I always say he’s a choirboy killer,” Tony Godsick told CNBC. “This guy, when you go on the court with him, he wants to win and he wants to win badly. He doesn’t want you to win any games, he doesn’t want you to win any points,” the American added. “One of the things he misses the most is being back out on tour with the guys and joking around in the locker room, and the practice, and the whole process leading upto the competition,” Godsick stated.

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