OM want to sign a star, they announce a disaster


Arrived last year from Inter Milan, Alexis Sanchez is now free of any contract. The Chilean international has not yet responded to OM’s extension proposal and seems to be moving a little further away from Marseille every day. For Daniel Riolo, this file reflects the limits of the Marseille club.

Alexis Sanchez will he still be a playerOM next season? The more time passes, the more doubt is allowed. As indicated The Teamthe Marseille leaders made an extension offer to the 34-year-old striker about a month ago, but the latter has not yet given his answer.

“Players beyond the means of the club”

According to Daniel Riolothe folder Alexis Sanchez reveals the financial limitations of theOM on the transfer window: ” The Alexis Sanchez file says exactly what Olympique de Marseille has been for a few years and what Pablo Longoria does there: DIY. He does some good DIY, but it’s still DIY. He had good players at OM, but they were beyond the means of the club. We believe that OM can have them, but they can’t have them or they can have them for a year “, he said in theAfter Foot on RMC.

“Longoria tries to hide that Marseille has no money”

It’s like a person who has to go to a party and can’t afford a tuxedo, so he’s going to borrow one. OM don’t want it to be known, because it can be a bit of a shame, which I don’t consider, they have their means. Longoria tries to hide that Marseille has no money (…) In addition, Longoria manages rather well by tinkering. He has network. I don’t think it’s Alexis Sanchez who’s dragging the club down, I just think OM can’t give him what he wants. OM don’t communicate because they don’t want to be the club that can’t keep Alexis Sanchez “, added Daniel Riolo.

OM want to sign a star, they announce a disaster 24hfootnews.

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