OM sale: McCourt finally spills the beans?


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Owner of OM since 2016, is Frank McCourt starting to get bored? According to certain information that appeared on Tuesday, the American leader would have distanced himself from Marseille and the Marseille team, leaving Pablo Longoria and his team the freedom to act. On social networks, some see it as the beginnings of a definitive departure.

The last days, Frank McCourt was in France, not to Marseilles, but good to Saint Tropez to enjoy a few days of vacation. It is within this city that the owner of theOM has received Javier Ribalta, Pablo Longoriabut also the new coach of the Marseille club, Marcelino.

McCourt distances himself from Marseille

As indicated by The Team, McCourt would have met the Spanish technician, but also mentioned the rest of the sports project. But make no mistake, the American is no longer so involved in the sporting life of theOm. According to the sports daily, the Bostonian would have distanced himself from Marseille.

A clue on the sale of the club?

It was enough to revive the rumors around his future. As announced by exclusively, McCourt stay tuned and don’t close the door to a sale of theOM in the coming months.

OM sale: McCourt finally spills the beans? 24hfootnews.

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