OM sale: It’s confirmed, an incredible operation is announced


Holder of a Master’s degree in international law, I realized at the end of my university course that it was important to evolve in a field that we appreciate. Overnight, I decided to put an end to the dream of my parents, who saw me as a future lawyer, to live from my passion: sport. Since then, I have covered mercatos and sports news, trying to inform readers as well as possible.

Rumors about a possible sale of OM continue to agitate the crowds in Marseille. Some hope for a departure of Frank McCourt and the arrival of a new strongman. According to some relatives of the Marseille club, Rodolphe Saadé would consider buying the Marseille club, after having concluded a sponsorship agreement last November.

Last November, the group CMA-CGM announced that it had reached an agreement with theOm. From next July, the name of the company will appear on the Marseille jersey. But according to Emmanuel Lechypre, economics specialist BFM-TV, Rodolphe Saadé could go further.

“They will soon buy OM, it’s only the beginning”

On the set of BFM Business, the reporter announced that the boss of CMA-CGM could take the next step, namely to buy back theOM To Frank McCourt. They will soon buy OM, it’s only the beginning ” said Lechypre.

Saadé, OM’s next strongman?

In private, Saade would not hide his ambitions. “ Rodolphe is sincerely attached to the city. He is present, he puts in the money. He will end up buying Olympique de Marseille. had entrusted Stephane Richardone of his friends, Release. Aged 53, the Franco-Lebanese billionaire, still unknown to the general public, could well make the headlines in the coming months.

OM sale: It’s confirmed, an incredible operation is announced 24hfootnews.

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